And It Begins…

August 15th, 2016; 5:00am

So as I’m sitting here in Nadi, Fiji waiting for my flight into Auckland it finally hit me that I am on my way to a different country, by myself, with one bag of belongings, and no return plane ticket…

WHAT AM I DOING?!? Haha! Just kidding! I’m more than excited now as everything is running smoothly so far, and I only have a short trip left until I arrive at my destination. Having the first month and a half of my adventure solidly planned feels good, while purposefully leaving there after open (just in case a great adventure comes my way) seems fitting… Ill keep you posted on whether more pre-planning would have been a better idea.
As my first blog post, I’ll fill you in on some of the steps I took to get here. This isn’t just a travel blog (hence being called “The Junk Drawer”), although that just happens to be where it’s starting.
So far, my travels have taken me to France, Italy, Amsterdam, and Spain. These trips were much different than the trip I’m currently on as they were planned to a T, and for far shorter periods (about two weeks each).
Recently, I started to get the travel itch again. If you’ve traveled internationally much, you know how pestering it can be to have “the itch.” I wanted a new perspective on life; an adventure that wasn’t soo planned (somewhat spontaneous, if you will) and would put my soul to the test. I needed… SOUL FOOD!
I listened to my heart, did some international travel-investigating, and decided that a working holiday visa was a great fit for what I was craving. I could have taken the easy-peasy-mac-and-cheesy route and just vacationed, but I knew that wouldn’t fulfill my need.
If this is something you’re interested in doing too, I’m here to help! Here are a few simple steps to get you started:
Traveling can be a little more expensive than you might think, so save save save!! For my trip, after purchasing my plane ticket, my travel insurance, and all my travel gear, I safely had $3,000 in the bank. Some countries require and/or recommend you have a certain amount of money in the bank, so be sure to look into that before you purchase your plane ticket or set the dates for your travel insurance.
1. First off, get your passport. I already had mine (yess! One less thing to do!). If you don’t have yours yet, they are easy to get (respectively). You can submit your application online or you can go to your local library.
2. Investigate the places you’d like to travel. Their government, their economy, things to do, places to see, etc. you can find a lot of information in online newspapers And just poking around on the Internet.
3. Once you find your top choices, find out if they are offering working holiday visas from your country. For example, my top two choices were New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand was offering a visa, where Australia was not. Once you’ve decided, apply!! Each country should have an immigration website hosted by their government that should have an online application available. For New Zealand, the application takes 4-6 weeks to process. Mine was a little shorter, but allow yourself enough time.
Welp, that’s all for now folks! I will keep you posted!!

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